Cracker Barrel



Can’t. Go. Wrong.

Waking up on a Sunday morning  – whether it’s going to church, going to the gym, or just simply waking up alive, a good country breakfast is a fantastic way to celebrate. Southern comfort food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner there is too much on the menu to narrow down. Bonus: It’s all cheap. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get a meal. Eggs, waffles, pancakes, hashbrown casserole, corn bread, biscuits, dumplings, sweet tea, and….basically country fried everything. I have not had a meal at Cracker Barrel that I haven’t liked. They do have a “light” menu for those of us that are watching our figures… but my advice – If you are going to Cracker Barrel.. ditch the diet (trust me you won’t regret it). 


Not only do they have great food, but they have a store attached to all of their restaurants. It’s like you walked into a time machine when you go through the store. All the best old fashioned candy, soda, toys, candles… everything. Every time I go through the candy it brings me back to my childhood, as well as my parent’s childhood. 


The whole atmosphere is old-fashioned, in the best way. The wait staff are the epitome of Southern hospitality. Rocking chairs line the outdoor porch where you can wait to be seated. A huge game of checkers are everywhere so you can pass the time. Sunday morning’s expect it to be packed, especially post-church hours. 


If you haven’t been here yet, it must be on your list. When driving through the South they are at almost every exit.




March Madness has truly been maddening.

The state of Kentucky has been in a frenzy this past weekend, and I don’t expect it to get any better this week. The Sweet 16 game between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky, or in other words – The Battle of the Bluegrass, was nothing short of maddening. I am still haunted by the last seconds of that game. There are a few things that the state of Kentucky takes pride in… and alcohol, fried chicken, and basketball are all on the top of that list. That was the only way Kentuckians were spending there Friday night, doesn’t matter which side of the state you were on. If you happened to be in Louisville, there was one place you wanted to be: Cluckers.


Located right off of campus at the bottom of Cardinal Towne, This sports bar/restaurant quickly became the place to be for Louisville games of all [revenue] sports. It was the location of the riots of all riots after our National Championship win last March. Not only can you watch the game there, but you can get towers of beer and fried chicken – my favorite way to watch a game. And regardless if you were cheering for the red or blue, you probably needed a lot of towers to get through that game. There is nothing like watching the Louisville Cardinals while being surrounded by other crazy Cardinal fans, and Cluckers is a perfect place for that. Unfortunately we don’t get to relive the glory of last year’s past, but… if you are like me, you can go watch the rest of the games in hopes to see our blue next door neighbors lose against whoever they are playing (or support them…..whatever).


The experience at Cluckers is the best by campus, and I recommend everyone to go dressed in the good ol’ red and black and get wild for the next Cardinal’s game.



Silver Dollar


Southern comfort food. The greatest part about living in a Southern state.

Silver dollar might be my new favorite place off of Frankfort road. In 2013, Silver Dollar was rated in GQ’s Ten Best Whiskey Bars in the nation. It is one of the coolest places to get good southern food in Louisville. The service was wonderful, and they gave great recommendations on what to eat. I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to eat on the menu. Baby back ribs, lamb shank, fried catfish, barbecue chicken, you name it they have it. That doesn’t even cover half the menu. I ended up ordering the lamb shank, and I definitely did not regret my decision. Just writing this post makes me want to go back and try something new.


They also have a very wide selection when it comes to drinks. Being rated one of the best Whiskey bars in the nation, you know they have a good selection. The Whiskey and Bourbon selection is one of the bests by far that I have seen in Louisville (and that’s saying something). They have a a wide selection from each member of the Bourbon Trail Distilleries, including their “white lightening”. Describing their selection doesn’t do it justice, so I am attaching their Spirits Menu so you can see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. They don’t stop at whiskey, they have great beers as well. They have a beer for everyone, whether you like IPAs, or Stouts, they have it.

I recommend going to Silver Dollar to anyone who comes to Louisville. My family is from Chicago, and I definitely will be taking them here when they visit. It perfectly reflects the charm of Louisville. The atmosphere was laid-back yet refined, and you won’t regret the experience.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Probably one of my favorite holidays.  Cinco de Mayo is a close second, but I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day. A holiday when anyone and everyone is Irish. It’s about the love of the Irish and celebrating the great traditions that come along with it. Great food, beer, and people. Green dominates the city and Louisville has celebrated accordingly. Bardstown Rd. was without a doubt the place to be. With O’Sheas, Molly Malones, and Flannagans all being within a block of one another, you definitely couldn’t go wrong. The street is completely shut down for the ultimate celebration for St. Paddy’s Day.  I celebrated at Molly Malones. Some music, Guiness, corned beef and cabbage, that is all I needed.


There are many delicious meals that are traditional to the Irish holiday. Here are a few of the most popular traditional meals:

Shepard’s Pie


Corned Beef


Lamb Stew


Soda Bread


Now, the most important is to drink like your Irish (or fake it to make it). Beer is the most popular drink of choice. I could go on all day about different beers that people should drink on St. Paddy’s Day, but the two traditions that everyone seems to jump on first are:



Guiness is an unofficial stout for the day. One of my favorite beers (not many people agree with me), The creaminess of this stout is a winner for the Irish.

Green Beer


Adding food coloring just make the day even better. Everything needs to be green including the beer.

As you can tell, there are a lot of great choices for the holiday. I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t love St. Paddy’s Day.  It is the perfect holiday. Irish music, food, beer, and people. What else could you ask for?




Okay, this place is crazy good. If you have never heard of this place, please let me enlighten you. Game, located on Lexington Rd, is an experience like no other in Louisville. This restaurant is for us adventurers out there.

This burger joint isn’t your typical all-American place.

Elk, antelope, kangaroo, bison, venison, duck, and wild boar, are all on the menu. Yes, you read that right, KANGAROO. It isn’t easy to choose from the selection, whether its food or drinks, you want to try it all. Luckily they let you. You can sample different meatballs as an appetizer before you decide to order your preferred burger. It gets better, you get to decide from different sauces and toppings for the burger as well (they will give you recommendations of course).  Personally, the kangaroo was my favorite, but you can go try them all for yourself! The fries or homemade chips are both excellent, can’t go wrong with either one. They also have fantastic other appetizers besides the meatballs. Bone marrow is a very underrated dish that I love, and they make it great here.  Pairing with your meal, they have an impressive and wide selection of beer on tap, and bottled. Bonus, after your meal, they have dessert. I have never ordered a s’more in a restaurant before and Game, let me tell you, they set the bar HIGH. They have the greatest s’more that I have ever eaten in my life.


The service is fantastic, and it is not overpriced at all for what you are getting. The atmosphere is very cozy. It is not ideal for large parties, but if you are going with a date or a group of friends it is perfect. It is a unique experience that everyone needs to try out at some point (if you are a vegetarian– steer clear of this place). Parking is probably is biggest issue with this place. I had to walk a bit because of it. My advice, wait to go when it is a bit warmer outside. Makes parking less irritating.


Flanagan’s Ale House

With basketball season coming into full swing, and the Olympics going on, getting a pint or two is the only way to spend your evenings. I don’t know about you all, but there are few places I would rather be than watching a sporting event in a pub. Something about the flow of beer, friends, and chants make the experience worthwhile. Flanagans Ale House is one of my favorite places to be on a Thursday night. Not only is the food good, but it’s PINT NIGHT.



Every Thursday night is Pint Night.  Flanagan’s features different distilleries with 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock beers. They choose a beer for that time frame, and if you order that beer you get to keep the glass in comes in!  The atmosphere is great. It is a close English-pub feel with a lot of woodwork. It is not overly packed, but at the same time it isn’t very spacious. It has a dim but warm feeling to it, with televisions everywhere to watch your favorite sporting events. During the nicer weather, there is an outdoor patio so you can sit outside. Located on Baxter Ave. it is in a great location.

More bars in Louisville need to do this. Not only does it support small distilleries, but it attracts  the college crowd. I would not try half as many beers as I have if it wasn’t for trying them at pint night. They have hosed about 20 different taps, mainly a lot of American craft beers. They not only have a great beer selection, but the food is good too! Pairing your beer with a good burger, or sandwich makes the experience even better. Located by both Bellarmine University and the University of Louisville, pint night is a hidden treasure. I definitely recommend everyone to go check it out at some point.


A Night for Romantics

Whether you are single or in a relationship Valentine’s Day weekend is all about the food. Whether you were like me and slummed it with your fellow single ladies, or had a romantic night out with your significant other, I hope the food was enjoyable. I enjoyed the typical wine and sandwich-out-of-your-purse at the movie theatre special for my romantic evening, but what about everyone else? Valentine’s Day is one of the most hyped up days of the year, and men have to be on point to not screw it up. Out of curiosity I was wondering where everyone went to eat during this weekend of love. I looked up some of the most popular restaurants people dine at on Valentine’s Day in Louisville. Here are just a few that I found:

Jack Fry’s


Located in the Highlands, you can’t go wrong with Jack Fry’s. The laid-back yet romantic dinner never disappoints, and this is one of the most popular places I found that people reserve for Valentine’s Day.

Lilly’s Bistro


Also a romantic spot in the Highlands , I have never been to Lilly’s. I have heard amazing things about this place but unfortunately haven’t had a chance to go. It has locally-grown food and an extensive wine list that is tough to beat (tip from source: expect a long evening)

Proof on Main


Being that I was here a few weeks ago, TRUST ME ITS GOOD (read previous post)

The Oakroom


In 2004, Southern Living magazine voted The Oakroom a perfect place to propose to someone. If that doesn’t make it the perfect romantic restaurant, I don’t know what does. This romantic spot is located Downtown.



At the top of the Galt House this restaurant is on my Louisville bucket-list. No matter if the food is excellent or mediocre I would love to see the killer view of the Ohio River 25 stories up.

Old Spaghetti Factory

Old Spaghetti Factory Interior

Now, I have been here many times and I am not extremely impressed. The atmosphere is great, which is why I am not surprised that the restaurant is a popular location for Valentine’s day, but the food is so-so. If you want Italian food, there are wayy better places to eat in Louisville before here. But, if you want to make an opinion for yourself, its located Downtown on Third St.

The Melting Pot 


What could be more romantic than fondue? Nothing. Head over to Hurstbourne Parkway.

I am sure there are plenty of other spots in Louisville that make a perfect romantic evening, these are just a few samples that I stumbled upon while searching for the fan favorites. I look forward to testing some of these restaurants soon!